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What is Geo Roving?

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Geo roving is an activity practiced by geo rovers. What is a geo rover? It's a term we've coined with the aim of designating our customers as well as our followers who set out to discover in depth a region thanks to high-performance e-bikes, while appreciating the culture and nature they encounter.

Geo roving is, in a way, Slow Travel par excellence. Geo rovers never ride more than 25 km/h and they take uncrowded roads and tracks to explore little-visited sites, while reducing their ecological footprint as much as possible.

Photography also plays an important role in geo roving, as it allows geo rovers to record and communicate in images the richness and specificity of the place visited.

The word "rover" is of English origin designating a person who's on the move, regardless of their mode of transportation (on foot, on horseback, in a vehicle, etc.). Nowadays, a rover rather designates an autonomous or non-autonomous vehicle designed to explore a celestial body, such as the moon and the planet Mars. In the same vein, the term "geo rover" means both the terrestrial vehicle, namely expedition e-bikes, and the Earth-bound explorer riding them.

In short, to practice geo roving one requires a high-performance electric bike capable of riding on most surfaces and topographies, but also a genuine interest in making new discoveries while placing above all else the protection of the local biodiversity. Geo rovers go where tourists usually don't in order to discover authentic gems, like the locals, forgotten villages and hidden natural and historical sites.

This is why geo rovers are not limited to predetermined routes. They are true explorers at heart, often preferring to design their own routes using geolocation tools such as Komoot and Outdooractive. Typically, geo rovers spend several days in one location so they can explore it in great depth. In this sense, they are true followers of the Slow Travel movement.

Geo rovers also practice what is called daisy-shaped exploration. They leave each day from the same central point (Uzès for example) to discover a different sector of the region, creating of sort the shape of a daisy. This is one of the best strategies to fully immerse in the local culture and the surrounding ecosystems, while considerably reducing our impact on the climate.

In order to allow travellers to practice geo roving in Uzès, we have Riese & Müller Superdelite e-bikes for rent. These luxury expedition e-bikes are perfect for on-road and off-road exploration.

Our shop is located in the historic center of Uzès next to hotels and B&Bs, making e-bike rental very convenient.


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