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What is an expedition e-bike?

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

It is a cross between a mountain bike, an all-road bike and a touring bike. The expedition e-bike has the off-road mobility of the mountain bike, the comfort and versatility of the all-road bike, and the long distance travel capacity of the touring bike. It is the ideal electric bike for the practice of geo roving, since it allows you to travel comfortably both on roads and trails, while being able to carry several panniers over a long distance.

In our opinion, the expedition e-bike par excellence is the Superdelite from Riese & Müller (we have five available for rent). In addition to the capacities mentioned above, it has two batteries, full suspension, electronic gear shifting, and a dropper post. It requires very little maintenance due to its belt drive and internal gears. Its 14 speeds coupled with Bosh's most powerful motor, the e-bike can climb any slope in your path.

In short, our expedition e-bikes are a bit like the Land Rover. They are both robust and comfortable, can go practically anywhere, has plenty of cargo space, and can travel great distances.


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